Sunday, July 27, 2008

The week it has been


I've recently come to realise that I need some sort of counselling because things just haven't been so good for me lately. Dan broke up with me earlier this week and it's been pretty hard coming to terms with it all. I've finally realised that there are some heavy things I need to sort through regarding relationships and I think it's going to be a long road ahead to finally get some help with it all.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hmmm... mulled wine

Nothing beats a chilly evening with a mug of warm mulled wine. I made this particularly intriguing blend of a rather horrid tasting merlot, cinzano and a dash of amaretto and lots of sugar into a pretty nice warm drink. It has a bit of amaretto on the back palette with loads of jamminess and cinzano up front. Quite sweet too... I think if it didn't have the sweetness it'd probably taste too much like the horrid merlot it once was.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A touch of creativity...

Here's what I do when I get insanely bored: Pull out my crochet hooks and spend days on end creating wearable masterpieces.

Here's a couple that I've recently finished...

This is just a close up of the same crochet tunic which I laid out on my dining table.

My very retro looking shawl hanging over my bedroom door - this only cost me about $3 to make!

And now some projects in the making...

This one's going to be a sleeveless top - I still need to get some constrasting wool to work around the outer edges so it looks a little more polished and complete the front side of it.

My cat likes to curl up next to my crochet - this one that I started a couple of days ago is going to be in a similar style to the sleeveless top but I'm going to add some afgan squares at the bottom and turn it into a sleeveless waistcoat.

More updates on these as I finish them.

Hooray for the weekend! Oh yeah!

I had to endure a five hour shift at work with only a ten minute break today. It was pretty dodgy. I started at 11.30am and didn't even have enough time to eat any lunch so I was pretty hungry by the time I finished at 5pm. I'm a bored and underpaid checkout chick in a supermarket and it is the most shittest place to be at any time. Not only do I have to put up with nasty, horrible customers who have no manners but also those who are just plain wierd and scary. Today was no exception: There was this rather ridiculous individual who just paced through the entire shop shouting out 'FUCK!!' 'SHIT!!' because apparently he had lost about $170 worth of cash somewhere in the shop. I seriously doubt he had tourettes - more to the point, I think he had some sort of mental problem. One of the supervisors present had to do a call over the PA system about the lost cash so the crazy shopper wouldn't go even more mental. As if you'd give in $170 to the front desk if you found it in the shop - lol, serves the rude fucker right. He was one of those types whom if you looked at him for maybe a second or two he'd go psycho at you.

Lately, this week has been a rather peaceful week because the usual supervisor who supervises day in, day out had gone on a holiday. For me, it has meant that my till reinbursements are on time and I don't end up constantly running out of change or having to 'remind' the supervisor about it. It's pretty slack and I have to always stand there waiting, waiting, waiting for my change sometimes for over 45 minutes. I get told by colleagues at work that he forgets but I don't seem to think so. He constantly 'forgets' to give me my change all the time and it seems like he just has a problem with me being at work. That's why I don't get many shifts - I'm only there for less than two full days a week. I'd really like a job as an assistant librarian since that is what I've recently graduated in - I'm qualified to be a librarian and yet, no one wants me because I haven't had any experience. Lol, you try getting experience when you're at uni nearly everyday and only have about 1 day or so to do paid work. As if you'd spend that sole day doing unpaid work experience. It's pretty stupid.

Anyhow... on a nicer note: I went out for dinner last night with my boyfriend. We decided to try a restaurant out at Holdfast Bay area called Lido. It's a fairly upmarket Italian-esque restaurant that specialises in serving Italian food with the inclusion of wild game such as kangaroo and quail. I had an extremely exquisite and decadent meal of roasted quail with pepperonata and potato fritter doused in a balsamic jus. My boyfriend ordered a chicken and mushroom risotto and we both shared an antipasto entree. It was pretty lush and the food was absolutely to die for... you can check out their menu here: and the rest of the website at

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Add some zest to your life with a mouth ulcer

After enduring a horrible flu-like cold over the weekend (it was so bad I was restricted to my apartment all weekend), I found that it had caused an ulcer in my mouth. It decided to conveniently 'pop up' underneath my lower lip on the inside of mouth - a seriously annoying spot where it constantly rubs against my teeth.

I've decided to try out minty tasting throat gargle since I hate the taste of tepid salt water. It makes me viciously thirsty.